How To Build an ADU that Will Demand the Highest Rental Income

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More people in Santa Clara County are stepping up and are hiring experts to build an ADU to generate rental income in their area, which is in high demand for housing. ADUs are popular property additions because they provide a plethora of benefits. When homeowners are not using their ADU to generate rental income, they […]

4 Compelling Reasons Why You Should build a San Jose ADU Granny Flat

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4 Compelling Reasons Why You Should build a San Jose ADU Granny Flat Housing prices, childcare, and elder care costs are on the rise making it difficult for families to care for their elderly parents. As a result, more families in Northern California are contacting the best San Jose ADU builders specializing in granny flats […]

What’s The Process To Build An Accessory Dwelling Unit?

Not all building processes are the same. In fact, some are just better than others. Our process to build an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) stands out from the traditional builders and contractors in many different ways. First, we provide an end-to-end turnkey service, which means that we take care of every detail from beginning to […]

Campbell Regulation

Learn more about what might work on your lot at Campbell ADU Ordinance & updates link Zoning and Land Use

What’s an ADU?

Granny flats, in-law apartments, casitas, guest houses, pool houses, backyard homes. Through time, these constructions have gone by various names. Presently, they are most frequently referred to in planning departments as accessory dwelling units, or ADUs. We founded ADORE Homes on the premise of making ADUs a life enhancer for households. Unlike many other products […]

Assembly Bill No. 68

A long and detailed bill covering multiple ADU rule changes including permitting adding ADUs and JADUs to single-family properties Assembly Bill No. 68

Assembly Bill No. 881

Shared bill with AB 68 and includes provisions to permit ADUs in multi-family dwelling structures. Assembly Bill No. 881

Senate Bill No. 13

Includes a provision to prohibit a local agency from imposing an owner-occupant requirement for an ADU or main residence until January 1, 2025. Senate Bill No. 13

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