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4 Popular Reasons Why Homeowners Call San Jose ADU Builders to Build Accessory Dwelling Units in their Backyards

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An ADU (accessory dwelling unit) is a secondary, self-contained apartment, cottage or suite located on one’s property that has   its own entrance separate from the main home. Some ADUs are attached to primary homes, and others exist as garage conversions, but detached ADUs are by far the best and most popular option, as they tend to add more value to one’s overall property, and they give more privacy and independence to the occupant. In the last decade the number of ADUs in the San Jose area have more than doubled, and if you are thinking about calling the best San Jose ADU builders to design and create the perfect accessory dwelling unit for your property, then you are likely wanting to make the most of your upcoming investment. This article is using actual sales data from Adore Homes that covers the four most popular reasons why homeowners chose to work with them from all the other San Jose ADU builders, and why they ultimately decided to have an ADU built on their property.

(1) San Jose ADU Builders Create Amazing Home Offices

Ever since COVID spiked, more people have been working from home, and while most people are now allowed to return to work, many opt to remain working from home. However, even though this eliminates a commute and gives people more time to sleep in, there is one gleaming disadvantage: separating work life from home life. We are all used to hearing people’s children in those Zoom meetings, or seeing the cat jump up in front of the monitor, and having people enter one’s private home to consult in their home office space is not at all professional. For these reasons, people seek San Jose ADU builders to create a detached home office that gives them separation from the main house, and a professional atmosphere for in-person and digital meetings. Adore Homes can customize any ADU build to give customers every detail they are looking for in a good home office, complete with its own kitchen, bathroom and an abundance of storage.

(2) Construct a Granny Flat Using a San Jose ADU Builder

Unless grandma winds up in a “snake pit”, retirement communities and nursing homes are extremely expensive, and seniors can get very lonely as they don’t have regular access to family. According to the California Department of Housing and Community Development as reported by VC Star, more than 400 ADUs were built in the area to serve as granny flats, and Northern California has also seen an explosion in ADU granny flats over the last year. Granny flats allow seniors to have greater independence while being close enough to family members living in the main house, but they also create that much needed separation when personal space is needed from both sides.

(3) People Hire an ADU Builder Because These Dwellings Guarantee an ROI

As long as you hire the right ADU builder that knows how to get you the best financing, and that knows how to customize a build to increase the resale value of your property, you will see a very healthy ROI. However, who you partner with will dictate this. For example, Adore Homes is known across San Jose for getting people the best ADU financing options to make the investment decision a no brainer. Adore Homes can also build an ADU to compliment the aesthetics of the main house, the community, and install the features that will really speak to future buyers once the property goes on the market. While you use your ADU as a flex space, or for any purpose you see fit, you are improving your family’s lifestyle while simultaneously adding resale value for the future.

(4) The Best ADU Builders can Help Guarantee Top Rental Income in Your Area

While increasing the resale value of one’s property, homeowners will also hire San Jose ADU builders to construct a modern dwelling that can be used to generate rental income that can offset their mortgage or add to retirement savings. According to RentCafe, the average rent for a 884 square foot one bedroom apartment in San Jose is $3031, and since modern ADUs are higher quality, they demand a premium and many can garner $5000 a month in rent if done correctly. This means that in a few years you can pay off the total cost of your investment, while still benefiting from the added resale value to your property. Because San Jose has a big presence in the tech industry and is home to a number of corporate centers, rental properties are in huge demand, and you will be entering a very hot market.

Call Adore Homes for a Free Consultation Today!

Now is the time to improve your lifestyle while adding resale value to your property. Adore Homes is the leader in San Jose ADU builders, improving family lifestyles for more than a decade with modern, high-quality ADUs. Call today and we will come to inspect your property, take measurements, listen to your needs, and present you with several amazing ADU options to chase from that will provide the best solutions to your needs. Our expert team is standing by to take your call.


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