ADORE HOMES has perfected its installation process with your family in  mind. Let’s go over every stage of our fast, easy and affordable process.

Save lots of time, money, and hassle

throughout your project.

Let’s discuss the ADORE HOMES’ unique process and compare it to an average traditional construction crew building an ADU.

Our Process

Projects with ADORE HOMES are developed
quickly with our customer in mind.

1 Day Move In & Rental Start Date

Site Assessment & Permits

2 month

Site Preparation & Installation

3-4 weeks


5 month

  • 1 Day
    0 1

    Design Process

    The first step is to decide which model is best for you and decide on your preferred design details. ADORE HOMES offer modern, sleek and efficient design created by one of the Bay area’s renowned designers following extensive research on what makes an optimal design. Our units are built to the highest standard and comply with the strictest building codes. We provide top quality units with excellent finishes, fixtures and appliances. We can get your design squared away in 1 day.

  • 6-8 Weeks
    0 2

    Acquiring Permits

    The next step is getting the required permits. Since we focus on ADUs, we have developed a deep understanding of local permitting processes and strong relationships with the various cities. During this time you sit back and relax – we will take care of everything.

  • 4-6 Weeks
    0 3

    & Site Preparation

    Once we obtain the building permits, ADORE HOMES will start building your new unit in our network of reputable factories. This key fact eliminates the possibility of delays or injuries in your backyard. The construction process is seamless for you and your neighbors. In parallel to building your Adore ADU in the factory, the licensed general contractors will prepare your unit’s designated area ready for installation. Our General Contractors will lay the foundation and create the necessary trenching. Traditional construction companies can drag this part of the process for up to 16 weeks.

  • 2 Days
    0 4

    Delivery & Install

    Your adorable ADORE HOME arrives from our factory to your home and is fully installed within two days.

    At this point, it’s only been 10-14 weeks since we have started, and you can get excited to see your ADU being shipped to your home.

  • 1 Day
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    As soon as we finish installing your custom ADU, you can start setting it up for occupancy! Typically we recommend waiting at least a week as we get everything prepped and ready for you or your tenants to live in your new unit.


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For the avoidance of doubt, ADORE Homes Inc. is not a licensed general contractor. All of the construction jobs associated with the project which require a licensed general contractor will be performed by a licensed general contractor who will engage with the property owner directly in accordance with applicable law.

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