4 Compelling Reasons Why You Should build a San Jose ADU Granny Flat

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Housing prices, childcare, and elder care costs are on the rise making it difficult for families to care for their elderly parents. As a result, more families in Northern California are contacting the best San Jose ADU builders specializing in granny flats to provide for loved ones, while saving on elder care expenses.


Not all people are ready to invest in a granny flat because they are not familiar with the benefits, and some don’t even have a full understanding of what a granny flat truly is. This article is intended to help those who are new to the concept of building a granny learn about the benefits and gain a better understanding of this property type.

What is a Granny Flat?

Granny flats have been around for decades, usually in the form of an above-the-garage apartment or conversion garages and basements. However, these are not true granny flats, as they are attached to the main home, and most don’t have their own private access, kitchen, or bathroom.

An actual granny flat is a self-contained living quarter for an elderly parent who has moved onto the property of their adult child and their family. While a garage conversion or basement conversion are not examples of granny flats, an ADU is, as the accessible dwelling unit is a form of secondary housing that resides on a single-family or multi-family lot that’s detached from the main home.  Unlike some standalone guest houses, ADUs are self-contained, which means they have their own kitchen, bathroom, and separate entrance. According to federal statistics, there is a growing market in the San Jose area for ADUs being built to function as granny flats, and here are four reasons why this housing option is so popular.

1. San Jose ADU Granny Flats Lend Privacy for Families, While Keeping Family Together

One of the biggest inconveniences faced by those who convert their basement or garage into a granny flat is that it offers no true privacy for the senior, or for the rest of the family. The senior will need to use the bathroom and kitchen in the main home, which often conflicts with the family’s routine for mealtime and bathroom schedule. In addition, noise complaints are common, and cause arguments. Older people are notorious for cranking up the RV because they are hard of hearing, and this can drive the remaining family into the home instance. On the flip side, the sounds from the main part of the home can wake seniors up when they are trying to nap.


When you build an ADU on your property, you create enough distance to get that much needed privacy, but your parent is still on the family property and close in the event of an emergency.

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2. An ADU Granny Flat Gives your Senior Parent a Feeling of Independence

When we age, we fear many things, including the loss of our independence. Having to rely on grown children dampens self-esteem, and just reminds one that they are aging and losing more control every day. By building an ADU on your property to house your senior mom or dad, you can give them the gift of independence by putting them in charge of the dwelling’s upkeep, even if you lend a helping hand behind the scenes), and you eliminate the need for a live-in care provider role who is constantly looking over their shoulder. When seniors have their own kitchen to cook in, and a space they are responsible for keeping tidy, they will have a semblance of control in their life, which is critical to their overall happiness and self-esteem.


3. An ADU Granny Flat can Be Repurposed to Benefit the Family

We don’t like to think about it, but eventually, seniors will require hospitalization or care from a nursing home when they reach a point in which they can no longer take care of themselves due to a decline in physical or mental health. When this happens, families are left with the ADU granny flat, but this brings a plethora of options for homeowners.


The beauty of owning an ADU is that you can easily transform it to serve several purposes, some of which include the following:


  • ●    Rental income for nearby students, single professionals, or young couples
  • ●    Airbnb vacation rental income
  • ●    Starting a bed and breakfast business
  • ●    Guest house for visiting friends and family
  • ●    Accommodations for teen child
  • ●    Exercise room
  • ●    Gaming room
  • ●    Man cave
  • ●    Yoga Studio
  • ●    Home office
  • ●    Movie room
  • ●    Home school

ADUs are very easy to remodel and customize to serve any purpose, so when it is time for your senior parent to move out, your family has several options on how to use the ADU going forward.


3. ADUs Add Resale Value to One’s Property

According to real estate data, square footage in San Jose is worth $876 a square foot, and $1,014 a square foot in Santa Clara. With all-in design and build costs averaging about $350 to $500 per square foot, adding an ADU can have a 50%+ ROI, or more. This means your home will be able to sell for a significantly higher price should you ever decide to sell, and buyers always favor homes that have additional living space for family, or that offers opportunities to make rental income to supplement the mortgage.


Call Adore Homes for the Best ADUs in San Jose

Adore homes is an affordable, high-quality ADU builder in San Jose serving the Bay Area and most of Northern California with custom ADUs to meet the specific needs of every client. One of the most popular uses for our ADUs is a granny flat, so we can customize the ADU to support the needs of your senior parent, while ensuring it has every feature you need in the present, and in the future, and we can even make it aesthetically match your primary home. Call today for a free inspection and quote and learn how an ADU by Adore Homes can add extra value to your property and family’s lifestyle quality.


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