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What’s an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit)?

Granny flats, in-law apartments, casitas, guest houses, pool houses, backyard homes. Through time, these constructions have gone by various names. Presently, they are most frequently referred to in planning departments as”Accessory Dwelling Units” or ADUs.  We founded ADORE Homes on the premise of making ADUs a life enhancer for households.  Unlike many other products purchased throughout life, an ADU can really impact your family’s trajectory in many ways.  Both financially and emotionally.  This blog will explore some of these impacts.  

Many homeowners are turning to ADUs for the flexibility they offer and the benefits they can offer.  In this blog article, we chose to focus on three of them.  We will share more use-cases in our next blog.

Long term lease — Become a landlord without giving up space in your house or even buying another property. Having an ADU, your rental house is where you can always keep your eye on it.

Short term rentals — Online short term rental websites like airbnb.com and vrbo.com are becoming increasingly popular resources for travelers in the past few years. It has also been a lucrative choice for homeowners who have attractive living spaces near tourist destinations.  The new state legislation affecting ADUs allows short term rentals with a minimum of 30-days leases.  We see many healthcare professionals (nurses, x-ray technicians, etc.) as well as academic staff needing a place to stay for a short period of time.  ADORE Homes’ ADU can be a perfect solution for those individuals.   

Mother-in-law suite — If you’ve got an aging family member you will need to look after, an ADU can be a perfect solution. They could maintain their freedom with their own standalone house, but they could have family nearby when required.  In addition, the COVID-19 lockdown and social distancing guidelines have created a new reality where you either isolate yourself with people who are physically living with you or you simply cannot meet these people, especially if they are in a risk group.  Many of our clients have shown their interest in getting ADORE Home as soon as possible so they can bring their parents next to them so they can continue to safely meet them and take care of them.  It is heartwarming to see the deep relationships withing the family generations.

Regardless of what your reason, an ADU provides you the choice to downsize your home to the unit and to rent out your principal home.


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