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In 2018, more than 400 accessory dwelling units (ADUs) were permitted in Oakland, CA well before laws favoring these structures were written into place. This sounds very promising, but the fact of the matter is that ever since 2021 Oakland has gained a reputation as a city that’s somewhat complicated when it comes to building ADUs in homeowner’s backyards. While there are many challenges that buyers face when searching for the best ADU Oakland builders across Alameda County and Northern California, one of the biggest is to get the project green-lit and approved for this region, and Adore Homes has a perfect record for getting projects completed to code, while delighting homeowners with the highest quality and overall results beyond their expectations. If you are ready to build an ADU in Oakland, call Adore homes for a free consultation and let us come out to your property to survey the area and present you with a blueprint that will provide a solution to every need you have.

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Why are Homeowners Consulting with ADU Builders in Oakland?

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According to a survey conducted in 2019, more than 80 percent of Oakland residents who build an ADU on their property do so for more than one singular reason. Of the 537 property owners surveyed who worked with an ADU Oakland builder in the last three years, here are some of the most popular problems then faced in which building an ADU provided the best solution:

  • Space for Visiting Family – Many people reported that they enjoyed having family members visiting, but their constant presence in the home was stressful, and the visitors were never truly comfortable. To solve this problem many homeowners contacted ADU Oakland builders to collect bids on building an accessory dwelling unit on their property to accommodate visiting family and friends. The full functionality of the living space made visitors feel right at home, and there was enough separation for everyone to feel less stressed and have a better collective experience.
  • Housing for Aging Family – Retirement communities are expensive, and many elderly people who are put into these facilities feel like they are in “pseudo prisons”. For seniors who don’t require specialized care, many families see the financial and emotional value of moving their elderly parents into an ADU right on their property.
  • Accommodation for teen children – It is common for teenagers to rebel when they feel like their freedom and personal space is being encroached upon. This is especially true for teens who have younger siblings that live under the same roof. Many parents see the value in working with ADU builders in Oakland to design and build an ADU that their teenager can live in so that he or she can gain a little more independence before going off to college. Then once the teen has moved on to university, the family has a wide range of options as to how to use the space.
  • Supplement One’s Income – As we near the point when we are roughly 10 years away from retirement, securing more funds becomes more of a priority. You can use your ADU to generate revenue from renting the space out, and often the rental income one earns in Oakland can cover the mortgage payment with some additional dollars on the side to put into a savings account.
  • Retirement Income – Many retired people call ADU Oakland builders to get a quote on adding an accessible dwelling unit in their backyard to provide housing for renters, or to use as a vacation rental property. This is an ideal way for retired people to make some extra money in their golden years.
  • Improve Work / Life Balance – Many people build an ADU in Oakland to serve as a home office. This addresses the stress of commuting, provides a solution to having customers and patients walk through the main residence to get to the office (meanwhile disturbing the rest of the family) and it presents more of a processional appearance while giving one that much needed separation from home and work life.
  • Improving resale value of the property – Regardless of how you use your ADU, adding one to your property can increase the resale value of your home significantly. An ADU can increase the resale value of your home by 30% to 50%, and in some cases by even more. Homes with an ADU are also more desirable to buyers and give sellers the competitive edge in the neighborhood.
  • Flex Space – Often, family squabbles will ensue when there are disagreements on how to use a spare bedroom. While one family member may want to use it as a game room or a place to watch movies, another might want to use it as a guest room, exercise room, or a man cave. When you hire ADU Oakland builders to construct an accessory dwelling unit on your property, you can use it as a flex space while increasing the value of your property, while freeing up that spare bedroom for any use.

While all of these above problems shared by homeowners in Oakland have been successfully resolved by building an ADU, homeowners ultimately go all in on buying an ADU because they can use it for a wide range of uses across multiple decades, while increasing the value of their property, and this on of itself makes working with an ADU builder a very smart investment.

Adore Homes Dedication to Serving Homeowners in Oakland

Being known by locals as the leader amongst the best ADU Oakland builders has its roots in how our business is dedicated to serving the largest city in Alameda County. Considering that Oakland is indeed the largest city in the East Bay region and the third largest city overall in the entire Bay Area, and that the Port of Oakland is the busiest port in Northern California, a large number of professionals and families move to this region and often face problems with a lack of space. Adore Homes is honored to help ease the housing crisis by building ADUs in Oakland for our valued customers, and we take great pride in knowing that each ADU we build helps to improve the local economy. Whether you own a home near the Oakland Museum of California and seek some rental income from tourists, you own a spacious lot in Redwood Heights and want an ADU to house your parents, or you have a family home off Keller avenue near the Sequoyah Country Club and want a home office to accommodate clients in the area, Adore Homes stands out amongst the best ADU Oakland builders offering the best financing, customer service, and quality builds.

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Adore Homes has more than a decade of experience building custom ADUs for property owners in Oakland, all over Alameda County, and throughout Northern California. We offer the best financing options, and our construction is top grade, giving property owners a wide range of values. Call today for a free consultation and discover how an ADU can improve your lifestyle and pad your pockets with some additional income.

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