The Best ADU Builders in San Jose Near Me in Santa Clara County

Homeowners in San Jose and all over Santa Clara County are investing in ADUs as a way to resolve a number of critical needs faced by residents in northern California. A few things that most San Jose homeowners have in common include ways to lower their mortgage payments, methods to supplement income, and ways to improve family life and better accommodate visiting relatives and friends. ADUs provide the best solution to all of these needs, so if you are looking for the best ADU builders in San Jose and across Santa Clara County, then contact Adore Homes today to learn more about how these structures can dramatically improve your life and resolve all of your problems.

What is an ADU?

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An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a secondary housing structure built on a single-family residential lot. What truly defines an ADU is the fact that it’s a standalone dwelling that offers all of the creature comforts of the main house, such as a kitchen, bathroom, living room, closets etc, but it is not attached to the home nor is it a garage conversion or an outbuilding conversion. Just like houses, ADUs can be built to reflect a wide range of architectural styles, and they can be constructed with materials ranging from builder basic grade, to high-end materials according to the homeowner’s budget and aesthetic tastes. Typically, properties with ADUs that reflect the same style as the main house will garner better traffic when the owner goes to put his property up for sale. There is a wide range of ADU types popular with homeowners in San Jose, and when you call Adore Homes, we will inspect your property, take measurements, understand your goals in owning an ADU, and present you with a concept and plan that can be easily customized to best suit the needs of your family.

When looking for the best ADU Builders Near Me in San Jose, Make Sure they Have the Right Connections

The numbers of homeowners investing in the best ADU builders in San Jose have dramatically increased in the last several years because families are recognizing just how much buying an ADU can have a positive impact on their life, in many ways. If you want to join the ranks of advantageous homeowners and work with the best ADU builders in San Jose, it is critical to work with ADU companies that have those critical connections that will save you time and money. After all, there is a lot at stake: you are entering into a position where you will be increasing the resale value of your property, you will be creating multiple opportunities to make additional income, and you will be creating greater convenience for the family, and for your professional life. However, if you work with the wrong builders, you risk losing out on a number of things. Here are some things to ask San Jose ADU builders near me, when doing your online search:

  • How well do the ADU builders know San Jose and Santa Clara County? – It is critical to find an ADU builder in San Jose who truly understands every detail of the local permitting process for that city and county. Making the slightest error not to code can cause added expenses and delays. You also want an ADU builder with connections to local contractors, suppliers, and laborers. Having someone like Adore Homes who have built hundreds of ADUs in the Bay Area is key.
  • San Jose ADU builder that’s truly transparent – All homeowners who invest in ADUs have one upfront question that they always ask: how much will this cost? Once the build plan has been signed off on, the full cost should be presented, along with any contingency budget. There should never be “surprise charges”.
  • Financing – Interest rates on everything from new homes to ADUs, and from cars to rural machinery has high interest rates right now. This is the state of the economy. That said, look for an ADU builder in San Jose who has the best financing options so that you can easily afford an upfront payment, and monthly payments that won’t detract from your family’s quality of life. Adore Homes has the best ADU financing in San Jose and the Bay Area, because we want to enrich the lives of as many homeowners as possible, regardless of rates.

What are the Primary Uses for San Jose ADUs?

People invest in ADUs for their San Jose properties for a number of reasons. According to our sales data, and data from other ADU owners, here is a short list of the top problems homeowners in San Jose face were buying ADUs provided the best solutions:

  • Granny Flat – Many homeowners have elderly family members who can no longer fully care for themselves, and who don’t want to go to assisted living facilities. ADUs provide an ideal solution to the problem because the senior still has their independence with a fully functional dwelling, they have their privacy, and the rest of the family also has their privacy with easy access to a parent or grandparent.
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  • Student Housing Income – San Jose has more than institutions of higher learning with more than 55,000 students. Some students love the dorm life, while others value more privacy–especially graduate students. Many homeowners build ADUs in San Jose to rent out to students because there will always be demand, off-campus students are reliable (their parents or grant pays their rent), and they are quiet (one main reason for living away from the dorm is to have a quiet environment conducive to studying).
  • Airbnb Rental Income – Not only is San Jose filled with some great tourist attractions, but many people stay in the area who travel out to see Big Sur, wine valley, the Winchester Mystery House, and other great places of interest. The rental market for tourism in San Jose is hot, and a great way to make income on the side. People love staying in ADUs because they get a full kitchen, their own bathroom, privacy, and they feel like they have a sense of their own personal space.
  • Improve Family Lifestyle – Deciding if you should convert your attic into a bedroom for your teen? Perhaps you want to turn your basement into a man cave, but it’s not isolated enough from the rest of the home. People in San Jose build ADUs to serve as a function for family members. Whether dad wants his man cave, mom needs her own art studio, or your teen is begging for a larger living space, building an ADU can resolve all of these problems.
  • Home Office – Not only is it awkward for patients or clients to walk through your private living area to reach your home office, it’s also awkward for you and your family. Many people build ADUs in San Jose to function as home offices so they can save money on renting a space, and provide greater comfort and convenience for their clients, and their family.

Call Adore Homes for the Best ADU Builders in San Jose

Adore homes is known as the best ADU builders in San Jose and Santa Clara County because we are advocates for every client, and we build custom ADUs to provide solutions to every last need they have, while making sure everything is done according to code, and that you are adding significant dollar signs to the resale value of your property. Call today so we can walk your property, take measurements, and learn what you are looking for in an ADU, and how it can enrich your life with the right floor plan and features.

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