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How Homeowners Are Maximizing Their Earning Potential with San Jose ADUs

If you are a homeowner in San Jose or in the surrounding regions of Santa Clara County, then congratulations because, according to Zillow, you are fortunate enough to own a home in one of the most competitive housing markets in the country. While this means your property will likely continue to see a steady increase in value over time, the cons are that owning a home in San Jose is expensive compared to other parts of California. As a result, the number of renters has increased, and housing has become more sparse. With apartments and hotels being limited, homeowners are discovering ways to play a role in solving the housing crisis for renters, while finding multiple ways to maximize their earning potential in one of the most expensive regions to live in California.

This article will explore multiple ways that working with a construction company that builds San Jose ADUs can add value by increasing one’s earning potential.

San Jose ADUs Improve the Resale Value of Your Property by Simply Existing

According to real estate data collected across Santa Clara County, adding an ADU on your property can add anywhere from $200,000 to $500,000. Even if you will not be utilizing your ADU to its full potential for some time, homeowners in San Jose automatically add a great degree of resale value to their property, and see a full ROI within a year of the build.

ADUs Provide Rental Income for San Jose Homeowners and Attract High-Quality Tenants

According to the San Jose Spotlight, the average ADU with an average of 460 square feet throughout the South Bay can rent for roughly $1,900 a month. With the average mortgage payment on a typical home in San Jose metro being around $9,000, and even a modest home in Palo Alto generally has a monthly mortgage payment of just a hair under $10K a month, according to standard rates—adding an ADU to a home in this region provides a great degree of relief for those who have a mortgage payment to make every month.

Because the South Bay is the country’s capital for tech startups, and is home to some HQs for the biggest tech names in the industry, professionals from all over the world flock to the San Jose area for work. This is a caliber of tenant that makes good, steady income, and because these companies have strict background checks in place, simply renting to someone who works for a local tech company is a fair indication that you are renting to a reliable, respectful person who will treat your property with respect and pay rent on time.

San Jose ADUs Provide Value for Working Professionals

We just mentioned that the San Jose region is central to California’s biggest tech companies, and even before COVID broke out, it was common for people in this industry to have set days where they work from home. With virtually everyone working from home during COVID, people got accustomed to it, and studies show that employees were more productive when working from home, experienced less fatigue due to the fact they got more hours of sleep without having to make a morning commute, and had greater mental focus from not having to battle traffic on the way to the office. That said, using a San Jose ADU as a home office is a great way to create value, as it gives you separation from your personal life in the main house and offers clients a place to conduct business with you, and you are able to work without your family having to tread quietly while you are in meetings or working on a strategy.

Finally, an ADU functioning as a home office can save you thousands of dollars every year by enabling you to limit your gasoline consumption, and an ADU can also put you in a position where you don’t have to pay monthly rent on an office space. In fact, many people who build an ADU for primary use as a workspace will even have small teams of colleagues work from the property.

San Jose ADU Builders Help to Lower College Tuition Costs

In 2021, the average student at San Jose State paid between $21,000 and $24,000 per year just for dormitory living expenses and cafeteria meals. If your son or daughter plans to go to one of many local colleges in the area, you can save thousands of dollars every year by letting your college student live in the ADU where there is a full kitchen for meals, a full bathroom for grooming, and everything they need to have a tranquil environment where they can study and focus on their school work. Not only will an ADU functioning as accommodation for your college student save you money, but by not living in the dorm your son or daughter will have less distractions and will be in a better position to maintain a higher GPA.

Call ADORE Homes for a Free Estimate on a San Jose ADU Today!

ADORE Homes is known as the premier ADU builder in San Jose that customizes every build from start to finish, while overseeing all the building permit processes and working with the city to ensure everything is built to code. ADORE Homes can design the ADU of your dreams to accommodate any need you may have, using the right fixtures, finishes, aesthetics and materials to ensure the completed style complements your tastes and blends in well with your property. Known for our outstanding customer service, we are here to help make your life easy. Call today and learn how an ADU by ADORE Homes can enrich your life and give you a ROI on your investment within one year.


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