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4 Reasons Why Contacting ADORE Homes ADU Builder Is the Best Solution for Creating a Home Office Space

When COVID exploded across the globe, many businesses made the shift to enable their workforce to work from home. We find ourselves in 2023, and many employers have discovered that working from home increases productivity and enables organizations to save money. For these reasons, many people still work remotely or on designated days from home. The need to create a productive workspace is more critical now than it has ever been, and given the fact that Santa Clara County is the tech capital of the country and that the largest work-from-home industry is tech, the need to find the best San Jose ADU builder that designs custom ADUs for homeowners in the Bay Area and throughout Northern California is critical.

But is working with an ADU builder the right move for those who seek a productive workspace at home? ADORE Homes has built many custom ADUs throughout Santa Clara County for this very purpose, and this article will review four of the main reasons why homeowners invest in an ADU to primarily use it as a home office.

(1) When you build an ADU for a home office, you have that separation.

One big reason why having an ADU is so advantageous is that you get that separation from the primary home, where there are everyday distractions. Whether you are dealing with the sounds of house cleaning, kids playing, or just sharing a space where the “energy of home” is distracting you from focusing on work, the setup can be problematic.

According to a research paper written by Nicholas Bloom and others and conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research, more than 30,000 Americans who transitioned to work-from-home (WFH) environments were surveyed. Those who were able to have a space that gave them separation from daily domestic activities saw a significant increase in productivity. Because accessory dwelling units are not attached to the primary residence, these distractions are automatically removed, thus making an ADU an ideal home office environment.

(2) Save Money on Commuting Costs by Using an ADU Home Office

According to data collected by Lending Tree, the average person in San Jose spends an annual cost of $8,782 on gas, while people in San Francisco spend $11,719 in fuel costs commuting to and from work. Surprisingly, the number one city in California where people spend the most money on gas for their daily commute is Fremont, with an annual cost of $12,801. ADORE Homes is the leading ADU builder for these regions, so when our clients come to us looking for an ADU builder who can create the perfect accessory dwelling unit to use as a home office, they already stand to save a great deal of money by reducing their reliance on so much gasoline, and the ROI on their build begins to pay off right away.

Your ADU Builder Can Design Your Home Office to Help You Pay Off Your Mortgage

ADORE Homes has the unique skill of being able to design and build an ADU to be used as a home office as well as a space that can be used to make additional income. For example, the ADU can be used as a vacation rental on weekends or while you are away from home, which can bring in thousands of extra dollars every year.

As an ADU has a kitchen, sleeping area, and bathroom, vacation renters will have everything they need to feel comfortable and at home. To accommodate additional people, you can even have a Murphy bed in your work area that easily tucks away and, when lowered, provides a comfortable bed for guests. According to the San Jose Spotlight, the average ADU can rent for $475 a night, and if you can rent your ADU every weekend for a year, that’s more than $45,000 in earned revenue—an easy way to make money and quickly pay off your mortgage.

Building an ADU in the San Jose Area Will Increase Your Property Value

Another clear benefit to homeowners who hire a San Jose ADU builder is that, in addition to getting the best WFH space, you are significantly increasing the resale value of your property. According to statistics from Zillow, adding an ADU to one’s property in the San Jose area can increase the value by an extra 30% of your existing home value. In addition, homes with ADUs sell much quicker than competing properties in the neighborhood, and properties with an added ADU can demand top dollar.

Call ADORE Homes for your free consultation to build the ADU home office of your dreams.

Now is the time to reach out to ADORE Homes to take advantage of our easy financing options for the custom ADU home office of your dreams. Do you plan to let family and friends stay in your ADU when it isn’t being used as your office? Do you want to use it for vacation property income on the weekends? No problem—ADORE Homes can customize your ADU to have all of the important features that you need to be productive when working while giving the space a relaxing, comforting feel with all the important amenities for potential renters and visitors.

Call today and let our experts come to inspect your property, take measurements, review your needs, and give you a quote with the best financing options in all of Northern California!


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